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Hibernation Hotel5/5

Hibernation Hotel

John Kelly


A different and funny story which had my children in fits of giggles - Hibernation Hotel will be a guaranteed hit with young readers and they read a story about trying to find what you want and realising what you need.

This story tells the tale of 'Bear' who is trying to hibernate, but is sick of being taken advantage of by over 20 of his forest friends who are also hibernating in Bear's cave - Racoon snores, beaver fidgets and Skunk doesn't smell too good. So Bear sets off to a fancy hotel, checks himself in and tries to get himself off to sleep - 'would Sir like a wake-up call?' 'Yes...March 1st'. But, there are many obstacles for Bear to overcome and he just can't figure out why he has a 'strange, empty hollow feeling' in his tummy and just what it is he is missing - his friends.

John Kelly has created a wonderful narrative as we follow Bear's trials and tribulations to just get to sleep. Brenlla (the illustrator) accompanies the narrative with brightly coloured and busy images; there is much to spot on each page. Children will delight in finding all the animals and commenting on their facial expressions, especially the humans when they see a Bear checking in to their Hotel. Bear is very comical as he drinks from the toilet, eats all the snacks and stomps about the Hotel.

This story has a wonderful message of friendship which can create many talking points with young readers. Bear thinks he knows what he wants, but it takes a while before he realises what he 'needs'. A lovely easy read with children aged 3+.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher.

Reviewed by: Joanna Hewish - Teacher