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Tiny Tantrum3/5

Tiny Tantrum

Caroline Crowe


A story every parent can relate to! A toddler who tantrums at every little thing and the invention of monsters who talk in rhyme to calm the little girl down. I can't help but feel those monsters are a wishful thinking of the parent

Tiny is a very happy little girl, as long as she is getting her own way. When it comes to putting on her coat, getting in the bath or sharing her toys, Tiny has an explosive tantrum causing windows to rattle and birds fall out of the trees. One by one, a friendly monster comes along to help Tiny regain her composure and teach her that having a tantrum will not always lead to her getting her own way. The monsters each arrive in turn with a rhyme and become firm friends with Tiny, until it is bedtime and it is Tiny's turn to teach the monsters a lesson - 'I'll count to five, you'd better shake a leg, the last one in and snuggled down's a stinky, rotten egg!'

With a good narrative, this story is fun to read, but more for parents who can relate to each scenario and often leaves children questioning Tiny's mood. The illustrations are original, particularly the monsters, but it feels a little tired and dated in places. My children were not as engaged with this story as we have been with others from Little Tiger Press. Although generally a good story, I feel more could have been done to liven it up and make it more engaging for its readership.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher.

Reviewed by: Joanna Hewish - Teacher