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A Year of Nature Poems4/5

A Year of Nature Poems

Joseph Coelho


Lavishly illustrated, this takes the reader through the months of the year, with one poem for each month. Original themes such as murmurations of starlings, amphibians in danger and the mayfly are presented with a brief informative note to the reader, helping to set the context.

Coelhos's lyrical phrases are a thing of beauty: 'soft pond jewels are forming/ in sunlit forest eyes/ and garden pools' and complemented by Judd's illustrations.

In full colour on every page, these are painterly and gentle, whispering of the wonders of nature. Almost all the poems make suggestions on how the writer interacts with nature, yet the conservation message is refreshingly left unpreached, allowing the reader to reflect and draw their own conclusion.

32 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Lucy Russell, teacher.

Reviewed by: Lucy Russell