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Lottie Loves Nature: Frog Frenzy4/5

Lottie Loves Nature: Frog Frenzy

Jane Clarke


Lottie Boffin has got her own series of books now! From the series 'Al's Awesome Science', Lottie is Al's twin sister and she has passion for the outdoors and saving the planet.

After Lottie watches her favourite TV programme 'Every Little Thing', she decides she needs to build and create a pond in her garden to help her with competition entry to be the next Samira Breeze, her favourite presenter. She will need help to create her pond, and as her brother is busy, she goes next door to the Parfitts whose son Noah gives Lottie a helping hand - as long as Lottie can get rid of all the ants in the garden. A bag of sugar, a parrot, a dog and a frog later, and chaos ensues, giving Lottie a very memorable day and a lot to write about in her nature notebook!

I loved how the story had a fiction and non-fiction element to it, mixing pages of factual information on animals and science experiments you can do at home. I thought this was a brilliant idea and really fun and engaging for children, especially for those who are not so keen on non-fiction reading. I liked that some of the non-fiction pages were taken from Lottie's nature notebook and looked as if she has written them herself.

The story is fast paced and has lots of action within it. The illustrations are brilliant and using them also within the non-fiction elements is really lovely. There is a clear message throughout, on encouraging children to look after the planet and giving them easy ways of doing their bit, as well as using Noah to talk about the future and what science is doing to help.

I would definitely recommend this book to children in my class and will use it within science lessons myself!

111 Pages / Ages 7+/ Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, class teacher

Reviewed by: Lauren Maidman