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The Accidental Wizard5/5

The Accidental Wizard

Kimberly Pauley


Ripplemintz the Sage is the official Curt Wizard in residence of the kingdom of Muckwood. Although this sounds impressive, Ripplemintz makes a great many mistakes which gives his last surviving apprentice, Twig, a lot of work to do, clearing up after him. So, when a spell escapes, it's no surprise that Twig is sent to catch it; however, it is a surprise that he catches the spell in himself, meaning Twig unwittingly becomes the world's greatest wizard. Amazing as it may sound, the demands this brings with it means that Twig is soon trying to get his old life back and dealing with witches, a hag named Vile, a grumpy gnome called Glimfinkle and a magpie named Beaky.

This is such an excellent adventure! As Twig sets off on what turns out to be a bit of a wild goose chase, he travels through a well-constructed world, full of larger than life characters with plenty of comedic moments - even the chapter headings add to the humour!

Friendship is an important theme throughout the story and each character learns more about themselves, their worth and what makes them happy. A great read aloud (with lots of potential for doing voices!), the story also raises some interesting points for discussion.

With excellent illustrations throughout, The Accidental Wizard is a highly engaging and pacey story with much to recommend it.

336 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher

Reviewed by: Sue Wilsher